This group consists of young people and adults who discuss what would make life better for the young people, then try to make it happen, recognising and enjoying the benefits of working together.

Following the sad demise of the Lanchester Youth Club due to loss of Youth services funding and a drop in numbers, Horsethinking CIC based at Maiden Law, offered its facilities premises and staff, to develop and start a new group.

Following an initial 6 month pilot project and a lot of consultation with interested young peope, our initial project of creating a wildlife corridor connecting the nature reserve next door to our centre with the ancient pack road, Green Lane, running down to Lanchester.

It seemed a pity to have a six acre site, a herd of horses, existing facilities and not make them available to local young people in some way.

Once we all started to research the project, including finding out about its history, especially before the open cast mining of the 70s and 80s decimated the area, we realised that it was much bigger and MUCH more exciting than we had realised.

  • *Medieval battles between the Anglo Saxons/ Briigantes (local tribe of seriously hard Geordie lads!) Vikings and Scots.
  • *Ancient mine workings.
  • *History of all the young men who left to fight in the 1st and 2nd World wars, and a huge amount of local memories.

    Open day Sunday June 24 at Maiden Law for Partnership’s new Youth project -“re wilding”

As well as all this there is the future of the area formerly called Lanchester Fell to be considered. Who lived and worked there, what happened to it through the ages? So this is where we began to learn about Re-Wilding.

We then joined Chris Packham as he launched the movement ” Re-Wilding the Future ” at The Marriott Hotel in Gateshead in October.

We had a fine group of young representatives as well as a very popular stand. We met Chris Packham and everyone got a signed copy of his new book.

Next years plans include visits to interesting sites, several camping/ cookout weekends and a big event -a weeks visit to an amazing area in Southern Ireland, The Wild Atlantic Way!! which will include sailing, kite surfing and visits to deserted islands full of puffins, wild seals, deserted villages………..

Re-Wilding at Horsethinking is a Youth and Community project. Everyone has amazing info and skills to offer, don’t miss joining in.

Checkout our fb page or contact us on 07553475309

Lanchester is generally thought to be more prosperous than other parts of Derwentside but there are areas of quite severe deprivation which can affect young people.


Our Young People Kayaking

We have managed to get grants to pay for teenagers from the village to go on adventure activities such as climbing, kayaking, gorge-walking, paint-balling and riding quad-bikes.


The youth club is thriving – there are usually between 20 and 30 youngsters, aged from 11 upwards.

In addition to football, pool and table tennis and a keyboard, there are computers and applications (including Wii games). Craft items are made and sold to support Croft View Hall.
There is time to talk to the young people about their concerns, sometimes providing education about drugs and other personal issues.

Several young people are presently going on “Duke of Edinburgh” expeditions for their bronze and silver awards.

The Youth Club meets on Monday evenings during term times from 7:15 to 9:00pm at Croft View Hall. It is run under the guidance of youth workers from STEPS helped by two young men who were themselves members only a few years ago.

Entry costs 50p. Sweets and soft drinks can be bought.


We have had meetings with a lot of Lanchester’s young people – those from 9 to 16 years old – encouraging their participation in decisions that affect them. If they suggest a good way of making things better we work together with them to develop it and try to see it through.

A good example of this was the award-winning Bike Track.


A recommendation of the Parish Plan was to “Develop co-ordinated strategies for working with young people and implement as funding allows”

We set up a working group of parents and professionals to write a report which has met this recommendation and provided a properly researched basis for working with Lanchester’s young people and for fund raising.

It has been adopted by the Parish Council.


From time to time we work with youngsters on a project to benefit the village, such as tidying up public flower beds or making a car park. Here is a group painting equipment for use in a flood emergency. And of course some of them help with the annual Village Litter-Pick.

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