Monitoring Development

Our Monitoring Development Group tries to ensure that developments enhance the environment of Lanchester.

Lanchester Front Street

Front Street Lanchester



The Village Design Statement (VDS) provides planning guidance for development in the parish. This guidance is based on the characteristics of Lanchester that residents cherish. A notable feature is that Lanchester Village centre is a conservation area. We are trying to get the VDS better known by residents and will seek to get it re-adopted under the revised Local Development Framework.


Each year there are 20-30 planning applications relating to Lanchester village, and most of these would cause no harm if approved. However for any application that would have a significant or negative impact, the Partnership seeks to comment in a way that protects the village from harmful development.

If you want to find out more about planning applications in Lanchester you can log into the Durham County Council website and follow the link to planning applications and then view the weekly list.

If you are thinking of constructing or altering a building, or felling trees within the parish, it would be helpful to
examine the Durham County Council website for applications that affect Lanchester.