Notice is hereby given that the Annual General Meeting of The Lanchester Partnership will be held at 11:00am on Saturday 9th June 2018 in the Catholic Church Parish Centre for the purposes listed below.

1.    To approve the minutes of the 2017 AGM
2.    To receive the Trustees’ Report and Financial Statement of Accounts for the year ended 31st March 2018
3.    To note the resignation by rotation as Trustees (in accordance with Clause 29 of the Partnership’s Memorandum and Articles of Association) of:

Mavis Datta
Dorothy Maskery

4.    To note the resignation as a Trustee of the Rev. Rupert Kalus.
5.    To note that the Chairman will resign on October 3rd
6.    To consider for re-election as Trustees:

Mavis Datta
Dorothy Maskery

7.    To review the Progress Report for 2017-18
8.    To endorse the Action Plan for 2018-19
9.    To review and if appropriate amend the signatories to the bank mandate form.
10.   Any Other Business.


Date 4th May 2018

Activities and achievements

Method of Working
The Charity has about 200 members. As its name implies it often works in partnership with councils, authorities and other organisations.  There are no formal links to these, but informal links are carefully maintained.
Significant changes, development and future plans
The Youth Club was closed at the end of March 2017. Apart from that no significant changes were made during 2016-17 and none are planned for 2017-18.

The Community Orchard is going from strength to strength; passenger numbers on the Village Link Bus have been higher than ever before; the Friends of Longovicium have been given a donation that they will spend on studying either the aqueduct or the “reservoir”, both of which have always puzzled them; our Monitoring Development group has been very busy opposing proposals for ridiculously large housing estates (none has been given planning permission but none has gone away); it is also working with the Parish Council on developing a much needed Neighbourhood Plan; we have held another superb ceilidh; the films that we have shown have been popular and we have run another fun dog show!
Unfortunately, however, the Youth Club has had to close.
All of our projects are solvent.
Overall, 2016-17 has been another good year.

Members have formally attended meetings of organisations including Lanchester Parish Council, the Mid Durham AAP, Lanchester Community Association, Village Voice Newspaper, PACT, NHS Healthwatch and Clinical Commissioning Group and the Campaign to Protect Rural Lanchester.

Informally, our individual members are also members of many other organisations.

Review of major risks

The Charity is a small organisation, carrying out small projects and handling small amounts of money.  The Trustees consider that it is not exposed to any risks that are significant in magnitude and likelihood.  Moreover:
a)    it has public liability insurance;
b)    before carrying out any activity with foreseeable risk it does what it can to minimise that risk, carrying out a risk assessment;
c)    every 3 months its accounts are reviewed by the Trustees; and
d)    every year the annual accounts are approved by the Trustees and are independently examined.

I declare in my capacity as Chairman of the Trustees that:

  •  the Trustees have approved the report above, and
  •  they have authorised me to sign it on their behalf.

M. Gladstone            
Date: 11th May 2017