Transport Working Group

Successful projects of the Transport Working Group include the Village Link Bus, Safer Routes to School, and initiatives that have made the village safer from traffic.

Attempts to improve car parking in the village and to reduce traffic speeds have had some success, but so far not as much as we had hoped.


This group has undertaken several projects over the years all trying to make the village safer either for drivers or those walking around. Most recently, along with The Parish Council and Durham County Highways department, the parking bays were introduced in an attempt to improve some of the pedestrian risks from cars and where they were parked. This is still being reviewed and this group is only an observer of the process and of the final plans.   


Currently the group works to ensure there is always sufficient funds to pay for the continuation of the service. This requires funds of £1000 per month some of which is generously donated by local groups, some comes from the bus fare £1 per journey. Bus passed are accepted and that income comes back from the County Council along with their commitment to fund the cost of one journey each day. 

Part of our fundraising is a social event each December which provides and opportunity for bus users and local fundraisers to get together and share some festive cheer. 


We aim to work to sustain this service for the community through fund raising and involving everyone. The bus is there for all and we encourage you to get on board and use the service. The route lets you pass through the village centre twice each full journey so hop on board and see where it goes. The chat is good and you will meet some lovely people.


The county council have introduced a parking scheme on Front Street this spring 2017 in an attempt to assist with the management of parking space within the village centre. This will be monitored for impact.


Village Link Bus
This bus takes passengers from their homes on the hillside estates into the village centre.  Most of the passengers are elderly or infirm and the service makes it easier for them to go on living in their own homes.

The service is for all residents not just our elderly so please feel free to make use of it.

We are the Service Commissioner   and have a contract with Stanley Travel which is managed with the support of the County Council .
Fund raising is undertaken to pay for the bus.  The passengers all make very generous donations, as do many residents.
The Theatre group contribute small sums monthly and several village groups hold events, such as the Male Voice Choir. The passengers, with the support of Karin Bravington, held a party before Christmas 2016 as both a fund raiser and social event and everyone thoroughly enjoyed the event and were grateful to Karin for her support.
2016 saw the bus receive a generous grant from Project Genesis, under the management of County Durham Community Foundation which will help keep the bus service running. However we still need to keep working and looking for future funding.

Village Link Bus timetable

This page contains the route, timetable, and fares for the Village Link Bus, a community-provided service that helps members of the public get around Lanchester.

The bus runs from Monday to Friday (except Bank Holidays), from 9:40am until 1:40pm.

Village Bus Timetable

Fares and funding

The basic fare is 80p, but usual concessions apply.

The Village Link bus service is funded by voluntary contributions, commissioned by the Lanchester Partnership and operated by Stanley Taxis. The bus picks up and sets down passengers at any safe point along the route except on Lanchester Front Street and Durham Road, where it uses normal bus stops.

Bus route

The bus picks up and sets down passengers at any safe point along the line of route except on Lanchester Front Street and Durham Road where it uses the normal bus stops, as stated in the route below.  Timetabled stops are starred and link to the appropriate row of the timetable.

    Kitswell Road (Cemetery)*
    Newbiggen Lane*
    Mount Park Drive
    Alderside Crescent*
    Mount Park Drive
    Newbiggen Lane
    Front Street, stopping at Blue Bell (east-bound) and Green (east-bound)*
    Station Road
    Ford Road
    West Drive
    Humberhill Drive*
    Watling Way
    West Drive
    Ford Road
    Station Road*
    Durham Road, stopping at Stella House (east-bound)
    Manor Grange
    Burnhopeside Avenue*
    Peth Bank
    Manor Grange
    Durham Road
    Valley Grove*
    Durham Road, stopping at Stella House (west-bound)
    Front Street, stopping at Green (west-bound)* and Blue Bell (east-bound)
    Kitswell Road*

Route map

Map showing village bus route, as described in the preceding two paragraphs.

 Other transport news - Go North East service 15

Thanks to the efforts of Pat Glass, our local MP and local county councillors, Richard Young and Ossie Johnson and ourselves, there are now late evening buses on Friday and Saturday evenings and a Sunday service during shopping hours. For the timetable click here.

The regular service to and from the village has changed with the loss of the direct service to Newcastle through Stanley. However there are 3 express routes into Newcastle from Stanley which allows different options to connect with other villages.