Our funding

Without money, many of the things that we do would not be possible.

Without money, many of the things that we do would not be possible.

Where our money comes from

1. Donations from Our Members

We do not charge a membership fee, but most of our members regularly make small donations, one or two make big donations and when the bus was in financial trouble one anonymous member saved it by making 2 donations, each of over £6,000.

2. Donations from Lanchester People

A lot of residents and local organisations give us a lot of money. Examples are:
* nearly all of the Village Link Bus passengers, who are entitled to free travel, donate £10 a month each towards the bus running costs; they also hold coffee mornings, raffles, etc.
* the Theatre Group regularly donate to us;
* sometimes other groups and residents do so;
* local firm MIS Ltd and the Parish Council and have been generous;
* the Area Action Partnership has given us nearly £7,000;
* Malcolm McKenzie, who was a member, gave us all of the proceeds from the sales of his book on local walks;
* last year Mel Somersall and Olive Simpkin held 4 community meals that raised £1,800;
*the year before the Male Voice Choir gave a concert that raised over £1,000.

3. Donations from our Local Councillors

County Councillors Richard Young and Ossie Johnson have given us money from their member’s local initiative funds. In the past, District Councillors John Ingham and Bill Gray did the same.

4. Local Fund-Raising

We have our own fund-raising events such our annual ceilidh which, with help from Barclay’s Bank, can bring in over £1,000

5. Awards from Big Funding Agencies

Over the years the following funders have awarded us sums of between £1,000 and £30,000.
* County Durham Community Foundation
* Lloyds TSB
* Countryside Agency
* National Lottery
* James Knott Trust
* Area Action Partnership
* Nationwide Foundation
* Sherburn House Foundation
* National Heritage
* Grants for Groups
* Northern Rock
* Scarman Trust
* Shell Better Britain
* Partnerships Development Fund
* EDF Energy
* Communities Development Fund


From when we were founded in November 1999 up to the end of March 2015 we have obtained and spent on projects “for the benefit of the inhabitants of Lanchester” a total of over £227,000. That does not include our expenditure on internal expenses such as insurance, postage and room hire.

In addition, working with the Parish Council, we have obtained grants of over £4,000 for the Parish Plan and £40,000 for the Kitswell Road Bike Track.

That is a total of over £270,000.

We hope you think that we have spent it well.

Thank you to all our donors