Lanchester Partnership

Serving the ancient parish of Lanchester in County Durham

The Lanchester Partnership is a non-profit-making organisation, consisting of over 200 volunteers dedicated to the welfare of the parish.

What We Do

Activities mainly focus on implementing the recommendations of the Lanchester Parish Plan, which expresses the wishes of the people of Lanchester. These activities include:

Raising funds for and running the Village Link Bus
Raising funds for and running the youth club
Setting up and running the Community Orchard
Making discoveries about the Roman Fort and its associated civilian settlement
Organising the annual litter pick

We work with the Lanchester Parish Council, the County Council, the Police and other authorities.

The Partnership is a driving force behind many of the services and facilities that the people of Lanchester use today and works constantly to improve the community and infrastructure. On the pages of this site you will find more details about what the Partnership does, has already achieved and the services that are provided.