The Seal

52. The seal shall only be used by the authority of the trustees or of a committee of trustees authorised by the trustees. The trustees may determine who shall sign any instrument to which the seal is affixed and unless otherwise so determined it shall be signed by a trustee and by the secretary or by a second trustee.


53. Accounts shall be prepared in accordance with the provisions of Part VII of the Act.

Annual Report.

54. The trustees shall comply with their obligations under the Charities Act1992 (or any statutory re- enactment or modification of that Act) with regard to the preparation of an annual report and its transmission to the Commissioners.

Annual Return.

55. The trustees shall comply with their obligations under the Charities Act1992 (or any statutory re- enactment or modification of that Act) with regard to the preparation of an annual return and its transmission to the Commissioners.


56. Any notice to be given to or by any person pursuant to the articles shall be in writing except that a notice calling a meeting of the trustees need not be in writing.

57. The Charity may give any notice to a member either personally or by sending it by post in a prepaid envelope addressed to the member at his registered address or by leaving it at that address. A member whose registered address is not within the United Kingdom and who gives to the company an address within the United Kingdom at which notices may be given to him shall be entitled to have notices given to him at that address, but otherwise no such member shall be entitled to receive any notice from the Charity.

58. A member present in person at any meeting of the Charity shall be deemed to have received notice of the meeting and, where necessary, of the purposes for which it was called.

59. Proof that an envelope containing a notice was properly addressed, prepaid and posted shall be conclusive evidence that the notice was given. A notice shall be deemed to be given at the expiration of 48 hours after the envelope containing it was posted.


60. Subject to the provisions of the Act every trustee or other officer or auditor of the Charity shall be indemnified out of the assets of the Charity against any liability incurred by him in that capacity in defending any proceedings, whether civil or criminal, in which judgment is given in his favour or in which he is acquitted or in connection with any application in which relief is granted to him by the court from liability for negligence, default, breach of duty or breach of trust in relation to the affairs of the Charity.


61. (1). The trustees may from time to time make such rules or bye laws as they may deem necessary or expedient or convenient for the proper conduct and management of the Charity and for the purposes of prescribing classes of and conditions of membership, and in particular but without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing, they may by such rules or bye laws regulate:

(i) the admission and classification of members of the Charity (including the admission of organisations to membership) and the rights and privileges of such members, and the conditions of membership and the terms on which members may resign or have their membership terminated and the entrance fees, subscriptions and other fees or payments to be made by members;

(ii) the conduct of members of the Charity in relation to one another, and to the Charity's servants;

(iii) the setting aside of the whole or any part or parts of the Charity's premises at any particular time or times or for any particular purpose or purposes;

(iv) the procedure at general meetings and meetings of the trustees and committees of the trustees in so far as such procedure is not regulated by the articles;

(v) generally, all such matters as are commonly the subject matter of company rules.

(2). The Charity in general meeting shall have power to alter, add to or repeal the rules or bye laws and the trustees shall adopt such means as they think sufficient to bring to the notice of members of the Charity all such rules or bye laws, which shall be binding on all members of the Charity. Provided that no rule or bye law shall be inconsistent with, or shall affect or repeal anything contained in, the memorandum or the articles.

Signed by the Chairman as authorised by a meeting of the Trustees on 21 January 2010:

Michael Gladstone